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Free Shortcut Remover 8.8

Gets rid of broken shortcut from the user's PC
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Scans your computer and automatically removes shortcuts to programs that have been moved, deleted and uninstalled since. The tool deletes broken shortcuts from the desktop, the start menu, from other locations on your hard-disk as well as from the system registry.

There seems to be no difference between the previously reviewed version of this application and its latest release. Actually I couldn’t even find an official change report or version history to help me track what has been changed regarding the latest version of Free Shortcut Remover, compared to version 5.4 that I reviewed in January. Anyway, this tool remains a simple, small, and neat application meant to help you quickly locate and remove invalid shortcuts from your system. It offers a straightforward and fast method of getting rid of the broken shortcuts that can mess up your computer.

Unfortunately, the advantages are not the only thing that remained the same regarding Free Shortcut Remover. Its major downside is still there too: the installer keeps on being plagues with a lot of annoying offers to install unneeded apps on your system. The adware-like behavior of this app is hard to ignore, especially since the program is presented as being free.

To sum it all up, the same conclusion that I drawn for the previous version of this tool can also be applied to this release too: Free Shortcut Remover is fast, simple, and lightweight tool that offers a convenient way of getting rid of invalid shortcuts, but its installer is quite a letdown.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lightweight, small, and neat
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Fast scanning speed


  • Its installer comes with an obvious adware-like behaviour, attempting to install additional software on your computer
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